Silhouette Instalift- Thread Lift

Silhouette Instalift- Thread Lift

Silhouette Instalift- Thread Lift 150 150 faceliftart

We are pleased to announce that we now offer thread lift procedures! A lot of our clients have been looking forward to this moment, but like with any other treatment, questions and concerns arise.

What Is a Thread Lift?
Instead of surgically removing loose skin the doctor uses dissolving sutures to pull back the skin on the face and jawline which is what creates the “lift.” In addition to lifting the skin, threads stimulate the body to produce more collagen where the procedure was done. Collagen rejuvenates the skin, makes it strong, and gives it volume and glow.


What Is Special About Silhouette Instalift?
Silhouette Instalift threads are designed to grab more tissue in order to gather more skin and as a result, produce a more noticeable lift in the cheeks and jowls.


How Soon Will I See Results?
An immediate lift can be seen from the sutures, but the results will also continue to develop as time goes on. The skin will continue to improve and rejuvenate for 3-6 months after the procedure. Collagen production will be stimulated in the areas of suture placement. The lift is expected to last for 12-24 months, but of course, this varies from patient to patient.

Downtime, Side Effects, & Aftercare
Every patient is different, however, there is virtually no downtime. The side effects are minimal as the patient may experience a little bit of soreness and swelling for 1-3 days. Over-the-counter pain relief will ease any post-procedure discomfort. It is important to follow certain precautions post-procedure as advised by your doctor. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or UV lights. Refrain from applying any cosmetic products where the procedure was complete and avoid strenuous exercise.

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