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Dr. Anna Yatskar

Dr. Anna Yatskar is a graduate of NYU Medical Center and Manhattan VA residency programs in Internal Medicine. After completing her medical school training in Odessa, Ukraine she came to the United states with the goal to become a plastic surgeon. Endowed with gifted gentle hands, artistic vision and impeccable sense of style she aimed to perform reconstructive facial surgeries on cancer and trauma patients.

Fate, however, had a different path in store for her. Dr. Yatskar became passionate about a career in internal medicine and has been providing quality care to thousands of New Yorkers since 2001.

Her love for facial aesthetics however has not vanished. Trained  in medical aesthetics Dr. Yatskar has become the foremost expert in cosmetic injections for any type of skin condition. Constantly adopting new products and techniques she is happy to help New Yorkers to look and feel beautiful.

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