Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Every woman dreams of fuller and voluminous lips—but not everyone is blessed with a pair like Angelina Jolie. Lip enhancement treatment makes this dream a reality.

Collagen and elastin are an important part of our skin’s composition. Similarly to how the decrease of collagen production in in your skin causes it to sag, the loss of collagen in the lips leads to thinning.

When it comes to thin lips, genetics plays an important role as well. Some people are naturally born with thinner lips, and as they age, they might experience thinning of the lips sooner than those with fuller lips. In any case, whether you have thin or full lips, they will get thinner as you age.

Besides biological factors, there are several other factors which can cause thin lips. For example, too much exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays can also cause the collagen in the lips to break down, which in turn leads to thinning. Dehydration, extreme weather, pursing or puckering of lips, and smoking can all lead to thinning of lips, too.

Lip Enhancement Treatment

The loss of volume in the lips can be restored surgically and non-surgically. Using specialized dermal fillers, Dr. Anna Yatskar creates natural appearance of fuller and voluminous lips that fits you.

Lip enhancement procedure is done in an office settings and is relatively painless and you can resume your daily activities right after the procedure. Using a tiny syringe, Dr. Yatskar injects special fillers, which add volume to your lips, giving them a fuller appearance almost instantaneously. The injected hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen, which results in plump lips that could last for years.

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Lip Enhancement Treatment

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